Vital Needs of a French Bulldog – Checklist

French Bulldog and Pup

French Bulldog and Pup

For many people, all dogs are basically the same; they all eat, they all sleep, they play and, worst of all, they all leave lovely little (sometimes not so little) piles of mess everywhere!

I’m not going to try and convert anyone here because all dogs do actually do everything that I’ve listed above, but to say that all dogs are the same is simply way off the mark. Every breed has distinct needs and differences all of which will require a different approach from an owner. If you want your dog to stay fit and healthy then exercise is paramount, but even exercising your dog needs to approached differently depending on the breed.

For all of you who currently own a French bulldog and anyone who is considering being a potential owner, there is a bit of a learning curve you will need to undergo in order to know exactly what you need to do to ensure your French bulldog is a 100% happy and healthy pup.

This article will provide you, the French bulldog owner, with most important and essential information needed to ensure your dog has a responsible and knowledgeable owner. It will also help those individuals who are yet undecided about whether to purchase a French bulldog or not, as to whether they are able to fully commit to caring for one properly.

It cannot be stressed enough that obedience training for your french bulldog is highly important, not only will it make your life easier it will also make your dog’s life easier too! Check out this great training course that is highly effective when it comes to training ‘Frenchies’

Keep your dog cool! – French bulldogs have a real problem dealing with hot climates because of their difficulty in dispelling heat; this is due to fact that they have a odd head shape that isn’t particularly good at dissipating heat. The shape of a French bulldog’s head is also responsible for making the relatively simple task of breathing quite difficult, again particularly so in hot climates and when they are tired.

If your climate is on the hot side then you will need to ensure that your French bulldog has an air-conditioned room that he can use whenever he needs it and that your garden has plenty of shaded areas should he want to venture outside. Your dog will certainly feel valued when you supply him with all these shelter options.

Constant Water Supply – Ensuring your dog has a constant supply of cool water will make it easier for them to cool down. Re hydrating regularly is extremely important for your dog because French bulldogs, as mentioned, have a tendency to overheat often, meaning they also dehydrate quickly. French bulldogs are not exactly one of the most active of dog breeds and after just a small amount of exercise they will require plenty of water. Always ensure your dog has a water bowl located outside and in the shade as well as indoors and in a cool room.

Exercising your French bulldog – A French bulldog has a body that isn’t exactly designed for copious amounts of strenuous exercise but like all dogs they do require some exercise in order to keep them fit and in good health. Because the French bulldog tires very quickly, exercising for a prolonged period of time s a definite no- no. Little and often are the exercise buzzwords with this breed.

As with most other breeds, walking and exercising is an absolute necessity for developing and strengthening your dog’s muscles and the standard of a walk in the morning and one in the evening is exactly what a French bulldog needs. Doing so not only gives the dog the exercise it needs, it also helps in training the dog to go to the toilet at certain times of the day and at specific locations.

Considering the French bulldog’s dislike of hot climates, walking and exercising him during the cooler periods of the day would seem a kinder way to give him the exercise he needs, and would be better health wise for him too.

Feed him the right foods – The vast majority of people don’t give enough attention to the food they feed their dog, however, if you truly love your bulldog and want him to be the healthiest and fittest he can be then there is no alternative other than to give him a quality dog food. By quality, I mean no additives and the like, a completely natural diet that includes all the minerals and vitamins your dog will need to keep him as safe as possible from any health conditions. Ensuring your dog has his daily intake of minerals and vitamins will keep your dog’s coat shiny and vibrant.

Give your dog the respect he deserves – your French bulldog isn’t just your dog, he is a much loved member of your family and as such should be treated as one. Give your pooch the attention he needs and ensure the time you spend with him is quality time.

It is well known among dog lovers that French bulldogs require more attention from us than many other breeds do. Regularly treat your dog to healthy treats and stimulating chew toys.

And last but not least, always make sure you have a good relationship with your local vet, he or she will be well versed in your dog’s breed and will be your closet ally when it comes to keeping your French bulldog in the best of health, and above all, happy.

As I mentioned earlier, you really should think about getting your ‘Frenchie’ trained, you will be so pleased if you do!