Proven Techniques for Training Your Dog to Stop Barking

If you are frustrated that your dog seems to bark at everything that moves even stationary objects, here are some proven techniques on how to train your dog to stop barking. A good dog is usually a quiet dog that only barks only if there is an intruder or wants to convey a need that is within reason. Most dogs however, do not seem to see barking quite in the same light.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs use barking as their voice to communicate. Some of the reasons that they bark are because;

  • The dog is excited
  • The dog is hungry
  • The dog is bored
  • Loneliness
  • Hungry or knows that it is meal time
  • An intruder or senses that something is wrong
  • As an invitation to you to play
  • Sees another animal
  • Needs to relieve him or herself

If the barking is due to the above reasons, it is probably unrealistic to try to stop her since it is in the nature of dogs to bark at certain times and in certain circumstances. This is the way she communicates to you certain needs.

There are however many times that the barking is unwarranted and therefore undesirable. It may also be used as a manipulation technique by the dog.

You have to assert yourself as the leader of the pack and the dog has to view you as such. One way that a dog shows respect to you is not to bark unnecessarily. Dogs are most comfortable and well behaved when they know that you are the boss.

If she learns that she can get anything that she wants at any time by barking especially at inconvenient times, your home is going to become an uncomfortable place for you and the noise a pain for your neighbors.

Techniques for Stopping Unnecessary Barking

If your dog bullies you by barking into getting what she wants when it is inconvenient, the first step is to ignore the barking no matter how much you want to give in just to stop the barking. This does not mean passively ignoring the dog and simply continuing with whatever you are doing.

Convey to her that she is not worthy of your attention through your body language when she starts creating a racket. Simply get up when she starts barking, avert your eyes and turn your back on her. The barking will probably get worse the first few times because she will be confused by this behavior but you must keep it up and be consistent.

Use your hands which does not mean hitting her. This will convey to her that you would like her to stop barking. When she starts barking unnecessarily, give her a few seconds and then reach out and grasp her nozzle firmly but gently in your hand. If she tries to back away or shake you off simply grasp her collar firmly to give you control.

This technique will quiet her and also convey to her who is the leader of the pack – you. Hold on until she stops struggling against you which signifies that she accepts your authority. Dog training essentially means that you convey to the dog that you are the alpha dog and for her to learn dog obedience to the leader of the pack.

Lack of exercise is the number one cause of barking. If the barking is followed by a nervous, agitated state and there does not appear to be a threat, she is conveying to you that she needs exercise. So you will simply need to grab the leash and head out the door.

The amount of exercise required per day varies by breed, age and health and this is something that you will have to research for your particular dog. Most dogs usually need about an hour and a half exercise per day.

Dogs are social creatures and thrive with lots of attention, interaction and communication. If these are absent from their lives, they become anxious and on edge which most people do not want in a pet.

If you are both home and you are not paying attention to her and she starts barking for no reason, she may be expressing to you that she is lonely and bored so give her some attention to take the blues away. It will be good for both of you.