Is an all natural food the best thing to feed your dog?

All Natural Dog Food

Pets are much loved members of our family and because of this we are duty bound to give special attention to the food we give them. There are many advantages in feeding natural foods to dogs. All natural dog food is very rich in vitamin E and C, which is very important for their health. Vitamin E keeps their coat glowing and vitamin C is good for their bones. These vitamins as well as others contained in natural foods affect our dog’s body in exactly the same way as they do ours. Another vitamin that is often found in natural dog food is beta-carotene which is helpful in removing toxins from the body, also commonly known as free radicals.

A dog will normally eat meat therefore his body will unfortunately accumulate a lot of toxic material, and if this toxic material is not removed from the body there is a much greater chance of them becoming ill with various diseases of the lungs and heart. It is a good idea to give daily supplements with any food you feed to your dog so as to keep their metabolic system free from infection and diseases.

All natural dog foods are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. Some natural foods contain manganese, phosphorous, calcium and potassium all of which are very important to your dog’s diet. There are many vegetables rich in antioxidants too such as, broccoli and spinach. By feeding your dog an all natural dog food you are almost getting your pet a life insurance policy!

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There is a huge choice of branded natural dog foods from which to choose. However, before doing so it is better to consult with your Veterinary doctor to get his advice on what is most suitable for your dog. Obtaining the advice of your vet is very important because some foods are particularly kind to certain breeds and sizes of dog.

Every pet owner wants his pet to have good breath, a healthy coat, clean teeth, bright clear eyes and be healthy all of the time. The most important step in achieving this level of optimal health for your dog is to ensure he has the best quality natural food and to provide him with the most complete diet you possibly can. By doing so, not only will your pet’s health be good but you will also extend your dog’s life too.

There are certain foods you should avoid giving to your dog such as anything that contains a high amount of oil and/or, low cost food supplements such as protein capsules. Owners who feed their dog foods containing these things run the risk of their pet developing digestive problems and even hair loss in some cases.

Natural food doesn’t just improve the health and life of your dog, it also improves its behavior. The healthier your dog eats the more active and playful they become, it will also make them calmer and happier and generally much less aggressive.

What you feed your dog is often governed by what you can afford and the time you have to prepare their meals, but if you love your dog the same way most owners do then you will want your dog to have the best diet possible and a completely natural diet is the only way to keep them 100% healthier, 100% of the time.