How to Guarantee Your Dog Will NOT Come When Called

disobedient dog

The re-call is one of the easiest commands to teach but one of the quickest to trash. Many owners ruin their dog’s desire to come when called by doing one or all of the following:

* Calling the dog when they’re angry.

* Calling the dog when they’re about to do something he doesn’t like (for example, nail clipping and bathing).

* Calling the dog to put on his leash at the dog park.

* Calling the dog to be put in confinement.

* Waiting to praise the dog until he gets to them.

* Not rewarding the dog sufficiently.

* Calling their off-leash dog to come before he is trained.

Call your dog often during off-leash play sessions. When he comes back to you, let him know how pleased you are and then tell him to go back and play again. You are accomplishing two important things here: checking to make sure your dog complies and teaching your dog that coming to you does not mean the end of play, but rather a pleasant time out for reward.