How to Groom Your French Bulldog

How to Groom Your French Bulldog

How to Groom Your French Bulldog

The French bulldog, no matter how odd it may seem to some people, has been the breed of choice for many celebrities. Their stocky and muscular, yet diminutive frame has been seen strolling with many high profile people, not only because of their peculiar looks, but also because of their demeanor. Martha Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, musician Brandon Boyd, and Nat and Alex Wolff, are just some of the celebrities who own a French bulldog.

Many have attested to the ‘Frenchie’ being the perfect pet, but to maintain their good looks and to ensure their good health, you have to know how to properly groom your dog. Don’t worry, with their small bodies, French bulldogs won’t need much of your time for grooming. In fact, you only have to give them full grooming every two months or so. But, you still have to see to it that they are kept clean all the time.

Prepare the things you need first before getting your French bulldog, this will ensure that once you get started, you will be able to continue without having to stop to continually look for the things you need.

Basically, what you will need is a tub filled with warm water, not hot, but about room temperature, cold water will probably shock the dog. You will also need some scissors, special dog shampoo and conditioner, a dog brush and a rubber brush, some baby wipes, and a towel.

Before bathing, decide whether you want to keep the whiskers on your French bulldog. Some owners prefer to remove them, whilst some like to leave them on, it’s a personal preference. Then, using the baby wipes, clean out the folds on the face of your dog. The folds may contain some grime and dirt. You can then bathe your pet with the dog shampoo. You may use a rubber brush while bathing the dog, this will help spread the shampoo and also remove dead hair from the body.

After bathing, dry the dog with a towel rubbing vigorously yet gently. The continuous rubbing will also help in removing more dead hair. This is not only healthy for your dog, but also, it will help keep shedding to a minimum, this will mean less dog hair on your furniture. It isn’t necessary to use a dryer at this stage. A dog brush will then be used after the towel to smooth out and flatten the coat of your French bulldog.

To help absorb the moisture left after the bath, apply some baby powder on the facial folds of your dog. This will eliminate infections and itchiness plus odor. Then check the hair on your dog’s ears, excess hair can be trimmed to get a clean and even edge. To make the coat of your French bulldog even shinier, a coat conditioner can be applied. With a brush, you can spread a small amount all over its body and flatten the hair at the same time.

Now you have a French bulldog ready for the silver screen, and if you’re lucky they’ll have enjoyed the experience too!