French Bulldogs – Health Concerns You Should Be Aware Of

French Bulldogs - Health Concerns You Should Be Aware Of

The French bulldog is considered to be one of the most likeable and enjoyable of the bulldog breeds. Although they are not as numerous as other bulldogs, many people today have shown a great deal of interest in this small and stocky breed.

And like many other purebred dogs, the French bulldog has been known to be susceptible to a number of health conditions. A good number of these conditions are related to the way their body is structured, so these conditions are just particular to the French bulldog.

Although the Frenchie is regarded as one of the healthiest of the bulldog line, there are several congenital diseases that this canine is susceptible to. Here are some of them.

  • Von Willebrand’s Disease – Much likened to hemophilia in humans, this disease is also a bleeding disorder that French bulldog’s suffer from. This condition prevents the blood from clotting which can result in many other complications. In connection to this problem can be the development of a thyroid condition. Breeders and vets have developed a program that tests French bulldogs at an early age to determine if a pup is afflicted with this health issue.
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome – This health issue can result in a soft palate or cleft palate. Many vets and breeders find it virtually impossible to treat a cleft palate. So, French bulldog pups are commonly put to sleep when it is discovered that they have this condition. For French bulldogs that have an elongated soft palate, they often suffer with breathing difficulties and can pass out after an energetic activity.
  • Eye Health Concerns – French bulldogs have been known to suffer from a variety of eye concerns. Whilst it is found in most other breeds of bulldogs, the French bulldog can suffer an everted third eyelid, or what many breeders would call ‘Cherry eye’. Other eye issues that French bulldogs may encounter are corneal ulcers, juvenile cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal fold dysplasia. It is imperative that any French bulldog owner should clean the skin folds under the eyes and ensure that it is dry to avoid the occurrence of infections.
  • Megaesophagus – This condition encompasses several malformations and disorders and its combinations, whether multiple or double, in the esophagus. Complications that can be deemed serious would be the vomiting of food and/or phlegm after food intake or exercise, this is called passive regurgitation. This complication mostly leads to aspiration pneumonia. A compacted airway can prevent the dog from dispelling heat from its body which can be harmless to other dogs, but to a French bulldog, it can be lethal.

These are just some of the many different health concerns that any French bulldog owner should look out for. There are still a variety of other concerns like back and spinal diseases known as chondrodysplasia, skin allergies, and cysts. Frenchies have also been known to require surgery when giving birth.

It is always best to consult your vet to understand fully what ails your French bulldog, by doing so you can address the health concern more accurately and effectively.