First Aid for Dogs for Injuries to the Eyes

First Aid for Dogs - Eyes

First aid for dogs is a vital asset in maintaining the health of your dog whenever he or she gets into scrapes as a result of curiosity. However, first aid for dogs is never more vital than it is if your dog sustains an injury to his or her eye. Eye injuries can be extremely serious for dogs because they have no concept of protecting their vision, and yet is one of the most fragile elements of their well being. If a dog were to lose his or her vision then the quality of life may be affected, and this is why first aid for dogs can indeed be a godsend!

First aid for dogs is extremely delicate when carried out around the eye area. As a result, many owners often get it wrong and do more harm than good. It is therefore essential that owners know how to administer first aid for dogs around the eye area without making the situation far worse that it needs to be!

The golden rule that applies to all first aid for dogs around the eye area is never use anything but sterile fluid to treat an injury. You can purchase eye wash solution from any good pharmacy and that is perfect for first aid for dogs. It is cheap and will not harm your dog in any way.

If a foreign body finds its way into your dog’s eye then first aid for dogs should be minimal. You should always leave the object well alone, especially if it penetrates the eyeball itself. The best thing to do in this situation is to cover the eye loosely with a damp and cool cloth and head straight to a veterinary practice.

However, some situations requiring first aid for dogs around the eye are nowhere near as serious. If you dog happens to have a black eye as a result of an accident then you can apply a cold compress to take the swelling down and prevent it impeding your pooch’s vision. This would be sufficient first aid for dogs and would not harm your dog’s chances of seeing all hazards in the future!