Does Your Puppy Nip & Bite?

Puppy Biting

Never allow your puppy to bite.

This sort of thing will become a bad habit and be hard to break later on. If he bites your hands, give him a tap on his nose or under his chin. He will probably yelp, but he needs this lesson as early in life as you can give it to him.

A puppy that is allowed to nip and bite becomes very bold and aggressive as he grows older. Then when he gets to be over a year old, the harassed owner takes him to a professional trainer to be tamed down.

Such dogs present a problem to both their owners and society in general. It takes a firm, experienced trainer to get them under control.

Many owners are so upset by their dog’s uncontrolled behavior and aggressiveness that they decide to give him away. Unfortunately, what they do not realize is that the next person does not want a problem dog either. So take my advice and control your puppy while he is young and trainable.

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