Do You Constantly Shout At Your Dog?

Shouting at Dog

You probably think that you could control your dog by shouting ‘No!’ Then, you might find out that the day you really needed your dog to listen was the day he stopped listening.

The only time you should shout at your dog is when it is the only way to get his attention or stop him in his tracks when there is danger. If you constantly shout at your dog day in and day out, he has already learned not to listen to you.

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For several weeks, stop talking to your dog altogether. Work him silently as much as possible. When you simply must speak, then whisper. Get your dog’s attention back. Make him look at you to see what you want. This will make your dog attentive and ecstatic.

Always speak softly to your dog. If one day you should see him heading for danger, you can shout to save him. If he is about to run through oncoming traffic, shout ‘No,’ ‘Wait,’ ‘Come!’ In this case, do anything you can to save him and get him back.