Do Dogs Learn By Wanting To Please Their Owners?

Dog Trying to Please Owner

The fundamental aspect of most approaches in dog training is to appeal to this faculty: the desire to please, which is supposedly at the core of the domestic dog’s character. All an owner needs to do is to gain his dog’s respect and then his dog instinctively will want to please him.

There is no intellectual point to the dog’s attraction to his owner that he should want to do something to please him. It is beyond the dog’s comprehension. A dog can never aspire to please anyone because he can never have the faintest idea what anyone else might possibly require to be happy.

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The simple truth is that a dog is attracted to his owner through his instincts. If the owner is highly positive to the dog’s prey instinct, the dog will appear to be highly motivated to please, but it is really the drive to be in harmony through the prey instinct. By the same token, if the owner is abrasive, the dog seemingly won’t want to please and will appear to be stubborn.