Canine Behavior Testing: Staying Calm During Everyday Distractions

Calm Dog

Reaction to distraction testing requires a demonstration of the dog’s confidence when faced with distracting situations, which can be any two of the following, usually one auditory and one visual:

1. A person using crutches, a wheelchair or a walker.

2. Sudden closing or opening of a door.

3. Dropping a large book, no closer than ten feet, behind the dog.

4. A jogger running in front of the dog.

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5. Good-natured pushing and shoving or animated excited talk and backslapping by persons, with the dog and handler passing within ten feet.

6. A person pushing a cart approaching from the front or rear, passing within ten feet.

7. A person on a bicycle approaching from the front or rear, passing about six feet to the side of the dog.

8. Knocking over a chair, no closer than six feet from the dog.