3 Steps to Follow When Applying Ear Drops to Your Dog

Giving Eardrops to a Dog

Preventive measures reduce the likelihood of infection as well as the need for veterinary care.  Dogs that suffer from chronic ear problems should have their ears regularly checked and cleaned using a wax-dissolving drops.

  1. The first step is to lift the flap of the ear and clean away any visible wax with a cotton ball moistened with warm water or a wax-removal solution prescribed by a vet.
  1. The second step is to insert the nozzle of the bottle in the ear in a forward direction, toward the tip of the nose. This should be done while holding the dog’s head still and with the ear flap laid back.  Squeeze the appropriate number of drops into the ear.
  1. The final step is to withdraw the bottle and then drop the ear flap back into normal position without letting the dog shake his head. Quickly but gently massage the ear.  This lubricates the entire ear canal with the medication.

A word of warning:  When using cotton swabs to clean the dog’s ears, you should only clean the outer part of the ear that you can clearly see.  Do not use swabs in the ear canal because they act like plungers, forcing ear wax farther down.  Consult the vet immediately if you think that a foreign object is lodged inside the ear canal.