2 Activities Your Dog Will Enjoy

Dog Fetching the Ball

If we want our dogs to do things for us, we need to know how to make them feel good. Below are two positive inducements that can win the heart of any dog.

Get A Ball: Preferably, use a tennis ball because it bounces and is easily controlled by the owner. In training a dog with a ball, the more powerful the dog’s attraction to it, the faster he can learn how to obey his owner and the more irrelevant distractions he can exclude from his attention.

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Praise Our Companions: Our dogs will work well for us if we can make them feel good by being with us. Praise must come from the heart and be deeply felt. The sound of our voice, the touch and stroke of our hand, should be capable of raising our dog’s spirits to a joyous state. When a dog is part of a group that heightens his drive, he becomes stimulated to maintain his good work.